Now available the program of the inaugural day of POnTE final event in Ajaccio

23/10/2019/by Staff

Research funded by POnTE and XF-ACTORS Projects presented in Lednice, at the EuroXanth COST Annual Conference

10/10/2019/by Staff

The POnTE training course Xylella fastidiosa and CaLsol successfully held at the Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade

15/07/2019/by Staff

ACLI RACALE announces the congress “Resilienza: Xylella research talks to people”, to be held in Salento, in September 2019

15/05/2019/by Staff

A training course on the detection of Xylella fastidiosa and CaLsol organized by POnTE in Belgrade (Serbia)

25/04/2019/by Staff

Supporting the participation of stakeholders in the 2nd European Conference on Xylella fastidiosa

08/04/2019/by Staff

Researchers from POnTE Project contribute to the EuroXanth Core Group Meeting in Catania

04/03/2019/by Staff

Second European conference on Xylella fastidiosa: how research can support solutions

21/02/2019/by Staff

BIOCONTROL 2019 International Symposium on Biological Control of Bacterial Plant Diseases next to be held in Viterbo

20/02/2019/by Staff

EFSA announces the second European conference on Xylella fastidiosa to be held in Ajaccio in 2019

21/12/2018/by Staff

Successful achievement of the meeting “Xylella fastidiosa, an unpredictable threat? Technical and scientific advances in disease control” held in Valencia

21/12/2018/by Staff

POnTE Project researchers at the 15th Meeting on Plant Protection in Serbia

14/12/2018/by Staff

“Xylella fastidiosa, an unpredictable threat?” An International Conference next to be held in Valencia.

21/11/2018/by Staff

A technical seminar on Xylella fastidiosa organized by IVIA in Valencia

21/10/2018/by Staff

Now available the program of POnTE and XF-ACTORS joint annual meeting in Valencia

16/10/2018/by Staff

CITOLIVA presented the results of the POnTE Project to olive growers in Jaen

02/10/2018/by Staff

A remarkable achievement of the seminar on Xylella fastidiosa organized by ANVE in Padova

02/10/2018/by Staff

A preparatory meeting for a worldwide symposium on Xylella fastidiosa held in Madrid at IOC headquarter

22/09/2018/by Staff

Apulian experience in contrasting Xylella depicted at a workshop organized by FAO and ONSSA in Morocco

20/09/2018/by Staff

Research on Xylella presented at the XXIV National Congress of the Italian Phytopathological Society (SIPaV)

10/09/2018/by Staff