The Board of Stakeholders is appointed from international and national Plant Protection and Quarantine services, from policy makers at the EU level, growers, producers and nurserymen organizations and will ensure that the Consortium takes into account the interests of the stakeholders and end-users and operates for the benefit of the EU growers and of the Plant Protection Services.

The following members have already joined the Board, but in the course of the action, other participants will be offered the opportunity to join the Board, giving priorities to those stakeholders that are directly involved in the areas most affected by the socio-economical threat represented by the target pathogens.

  • Goran ALEKSIC (Plant Protection Society of Serbia) <>
  • Juliette AURICOSTE (DGAL, Ministry of Agriculture, France) <>
  • Reuven BIRGER (Formerly Agricultural Extension Service, Israel) <>
  • Giovanni CANTELE (COLDIRETTI Puglia, Italy) <>
  • Marco CAPPELLINI (ANVE, National Association of Nurserymen Exporters, Italy) <>
  • Jose Maria COBOS SUAREZ (Plant and Forestry Health, MAPAMA, Spain) <>
  • Ignacio FERNÁNDEZ DE MESA (ASAJA, Córdoba, Spain) <>
  • Pantaleo GRECO (APROL Lecce, Italy) <>
  • Bernd IGLER (LIECO GmbH & Co KG, Austria) <>
  • Reinhold KLAUSBAUER (Steirischen Landesforstgärten, Austria) <>
  • Giovanni MELCARNE (DOP EVO Consortium ‘Terra D’Otranto’, Italy) <>
  • Roberto MONCALVO (COLDIRETTI, Italy) <>
  • Hernando MORERA GONZALEZ (Plant Protection Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Costa Rica) <>
  • Rafael OLVERA PORCEL (Junta de Andalucia, Spain) <>
  • Josep PAGES (European Nurserystock Association, ENA, Belgium) <>
  • Teresa PEREZ MILLAN (Inter-professional organization of Spanish olive oils, Spain) <>
  • José María POZANKOS (FEPEX, Spain) <>
  • Kurt RAMSKOGLER (LIECO GmbH & Co KG, Austria) <>
  • Martijn SCHENK (Dutch Food Safety Authority, The Netherlands)
  • Silvio SCHITO (Plant Health Service, Apulia, Italy) <>
  • Joerg SCHUMACHER (Forest Research Institute, Freiburg, Germany) <>
  • Andrew SMITH (Westonbirt Arboretum, Forestry Commission, UK) <>
  • Mirkka SOUKAINEN (Finnish Food Safety Authority, EVIRA, Finland) <>