For each target, the project research activities will implement the state-of-the-art and provide a novel scientific background to sustain future management policies. The specific objectives will broadly cover all targeted pathosystems merging multidisciplinary research with the practical needs of the stakeholders and end-users.

The major expected research outcomes can be summarized as follows:

  • Discovery of biomolecules that can be patented, manufactured, formulated and applied to prevent or reduce host colonization
  • Chemical compounds that prevent vectors, like spittlebug, sharpshooters or psyllid, to acquire Xf or CaLsol
  • Selection of tolerant or resistant varieties
  • Discovery of endophytic bacteria that can cross protect against Xf
  • Development of early detection of the pathogens that can be applied for inspection at port of entry to interdict the exotic pathogens and pests
  • Discovery of an optimal biological control agent for vectors of Xf and CaLsol
  • Regulatory testing of seeds of crops susceptible to CaLsol
  • Development of pest management regimes to mitigate the impact and the further spread of emerging diseases and alien pests