WP8 meeting on plant disease risk assessment held at Wageningen University

Researchers involved in the Work Package 8 (Plant disease risk assessment and support for Plant Health decision making) of POnTE Project, organised a meeting in Wageningen at the premises of Wageningen University on August 31, 2016. A total of 8 researchers from 4 partner institutions (WU, IVIA, CSIC and NIBIO) and 3 different countries participated […]

Consortium meeting on CaLsol pathosystem held at ICA-CSIC in Madrid

A meeting about the ‘Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum’ (CaLsol) related activities included in POnTE project was held in Madrid, at the ICA-CSIC headquarter, on 17-18 May, 2016. A total of 21 researchers from 11 partner institutions and 5 different countries participated in the meeting. The meeting included partners from stakeholders as well as academic institutions. The aims were […]

POnTE kick-off meeting

Rome kick-off meeting

It was held in Rome on 27th November 2015, at the hall Bisogno of CNR, the inaugural meeting that opened the work of the International Search Consortium POnTE, engaged in the development of a four-year research project, funded by the European Commission with a budget of 6.85 million euro under the program Horizon 2020. POnTE, […]