A remarkable achievement of the seminar on Xylella fastidiosa organized by ANVE in Padova

The seminar “Xylella fastidiosa: law enforcement and its impact on the international market” was held in Padova at the 69th international hall for florovivaism, landscape architecture and green infrastructures (Flormart), moderated by Leonardo Capitanio, president of ANVE (National Association of Nurserymen Exporters), with the participation of the following speakers:

Donato Boscia (International Research Consortia PONTE and XF-ACTORS), Gianni Cantele (Coldiretti Puglia President), Michele Lacenere (Confagricoltura Bari President), Roberto Betto (CIA Padova President)

Giuseppe Caporale (ANVE Member), Sabrina Diamanti (CONAF President), Giandomenico Consalvo (CIVI-ITALIA President), Renato Ferretti (CONAF Councillor and journalist), Pierluigi Verga (Vice President of Altolombardo District), Tim Briercliffe (AIPH Secretary) took part in the later debate.

Updated information on the monitoring and eradication of the pathogen was given to the audience, composed of national and international operators, from Europe and around the world, including delegates from the ENA and AIPH Associations.

ANVE considered necessary to organize this seminar with the hope of restoring confidence in the healthy state of Italian plant propagation material and to reflect together on a change of strategic choices that may privilege the elimination of infected material potentially carrying the disease and limit the containment measures adopted so far to those areas where the eradication of the disease does not appear feasible any more. All this is aimed at safeguarding the nursery poles that are still in the Xylella-free area.