“Xylella fastidiosa, an unpredictable threat?” An International Conference next to be held in Valencia.

Phytoma-España and the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development of the Valencian Community are organizing an international conference on Xylella fastidiosa, an unpredictable threat? Technical and scientific breakthroughs in disease control’ in Valencia, Spain on the 12th and 13th of December 2018. The main objectives of the conference are to share the most recent advances made by researchers from the Americas and Europe about Xylella fastidiosa, and to discuss control strategies of the numerous diseases that the bacterium can cause to crops of economic and social importance, such as olive, grapevine, almond and citrus.

Among the speakers, researchers from IVIA (E. Marco-Noales, J. Blasco, A. Vicent), CNR-IPSP (M. Saponari, P. Saldarelli), CSIC (B. Landa, J. A. Navas, D. Cornara), ANSES (F. Poliakoff), UC BERKELEY (A. Sicard) and UNIVERSITY OF GIRONA (E. Montesinos), all involved in POnTE and XF-ACTORS Projects, will present the most updated studies of the two research consortia.

For more information visit the conference website or download the pre-programme (in English).