Achievements of the successful training workshop on sampling and diagnosis of Xylella held in Locorotondo

29/09/2017/by Staff

“Current situation and perspectives of the diseases caused by Xylella fastidiosa in the Mediterranean basin”: a symposium in Valencia

22/09/2017/by Staff

CSIC researchers invited to talk about the current situation of Xylella at the event organized by Cajasur in Cordóba

19/09/2017/by Staff

A symposium lecture on Xylella will be given by D. Boscia at the event organized by the XylVec Project in Slovenia

15/09/2017/by Staff

J.A. Navas-Cortés will present POnTE research at the event “Current situation and new challenges in plant health” held in Jaén

13/09/2017/by Staff

POnTE research on Xylella-olive interaction will be presented at “Effectome-Resistance” workshop in Banyuls sur Mer

08/09/2017/by Staff

EFSA has released the official program of the Mallorca International conference on Xylella fastidiosa

25/07/2017/by Staff

Diagnostic training on Xylella fastidiosa, 19‒22 September 2017, Locorotondo (Bari, Italy)

10/07/2017/by Staff

POnTE research on hemipteran vectors presented at HPIS 2017 organised by CSIC in Madrid

05/07/2017/by Staff

Last updates on Xylella research in Europe presented at the 15th MPU Congress in Córdoba

29/06/2017/by Staff

Leonardo De La Fuente and Joao Lopes in Bari for a study visit on Xylella fastidiosa

28/06/2017/by Staff

A conference in Mallorca on “Xylella fastidiosa: from the global threat to the local situation”

07/06/2017/by Staff

CNR-IPSP contribution to the TAIEX program – an expert mission on Xylella detection in Belgrade

25/05/2017/by Staff

Brisbane’s International forum: vigilance urged against Xylella fastidiosa

24/05/2017/by Staff

Ongoing research on Xylella in Apulia presented by M. Morelli at the University of Belgrade

24/05/2017/by Staff

A course on detection of Xylella fastidiosa from plant material organised by IVIA in Moncada

10/05/2017/by Staff

The University of Costa Rica organises a workshop on the Xylella fastidiosa host status of P. roebelenii palm

04/05/2017/by Staff

J.A. Navas-Cortés will present POnTE at ESPACIOINNOVA event organised by CITOLIVA in Spain

03/04/2017/by Staff

A training workshop on classical and molecular identification of psyllids held in Edinburgh

29/03/2017/by Staff

IVIA participated in informative days on Xylella threat organized by La Unio, in Valencian Community

21/03/2017/by Staff