Last updates on Xylella research in Europe presented at the 15th MPU Congress in Córdoba

The 15th Congress of the Mediterranean Phytopathological Union entitled “Plant health sustaining Mediterranean Ecosystems” was held in Córdoba, Spain, June 20‒22, 2017. MPU meetings promote dissemination of the latest scientific advances and encourage dialogue and collaboration between researchers interested in all aspects of Phytopathology, especially those from Mediterranean countries. Around 200 participants from 26 countries attended the meeting, making it a truly outstanding scientific event.

Plenary, concurrent and poster sessions included key topics such as Genome Analysis; Invasive Emerging Pathogens; Integrated Disease Management; New Tools in Diagnostics and Management; Molecular Pathogen-Host Interactions; Biocontrol; Epidemiology and Modelling; and Microbiomes in Plant Health. Many relevant plenary speakers from different areas of Plant Pathology participated in the Congress, including the Coordinator of POnTE Project, Dr Donato Boscia, who gave a talk on “Olive quick decline syndrome and Xylella fastidiosa in Southern Italy: the state of the art”. Furthermore, several partners of XF-ACTORS and POnTE from France, The Netherlands, Costa Rica, Italy and Spain also participated as speakers or with posters in concurrent sessions devoted to Xylella research in Europe.