CSIC researchers invited to talk about the current situation of Xylella at the event organized by Cajasur in Cordóba

A dissemination event aiming at presenting the current situation of Xylella fastidiosa in Spain to farmers and the general public will be held on 20 September, in Cordóba. The event has been organized by Cajasur, a Spanish Credit Union, whose clients mainly come from the agricultural sector and particularly from the olive, grapes, citrus and almond industry in Cordóba.

Three researchers have been invited to represent  POnTE and XF-ACTORS Consortia and to present the following contributions.

  • Blanca B. Landa (IAS-CSIC): “Xylella fastidiosa: Key concepts on the bacterium and current situation in Europe”
  • Juan Antonio Navas Cortés (IAS-CSIC): “Xylella fastidiosa: Epidemiology, risk analysis and control measures”
  • Alberto Fereres (ICA-CSIC): “Philaenus spumarius: an almost unknown insect that can become a new pest in olives”

To read the complete program of the event, please visit this link.