Ongoing research on Xylella in Apulia presented by M. Morelli at the University of Belgrade

The University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture, within the framework of POnTE dissemination activities, hosted an invited lecture on “Xylella fastidiosa outbreak in Apulia and the attempt of research to counteract its spread” on May 15.

The lecture was given by Dr. Massimiliano Morelli, a researcher at the CNR-Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection, Bari, and a member of the team actively involved at the forefront of the epidemics in Apulia.

The lecture was included in the study session dedicated to plant pathogens affecting woody crops.  Dr. Joanna Pulawska, Associate Professor at the Research Institute of Horticulture, Skierniewice (Poland), also delivered a lecture on “Occurrence, identification and characterization of fungi, bacteria, viruses, phytoplasma and pests infesting cherries in Poland”.

The visit of Dr. Morelli was an occasion to discuss with the Serbian colleagues the current updates and the future strategies to be developed within the POnTE Project WP10 dedicated to Dissemination and Communication and coordinated by Prof. A. Obradović, a promoter of this scientific event.


Photo Courtesy of Milan Ivanovic, UB-FA.