Xylella: host plant list updated

EFSA has updated its database of plants that are reported to be hosts for the plant pathogen Xylella fastidiosa, which has been present in Europe since October 2013.
The current version of the database includes reports of hosts of X. fastidiosa published up to 20 November 2015. The current list of X. fastidiosa host plant species consists of 359 plant species (including hybrids) from 204 genera and 75 different botanical families. Compared to the previous database, 44 new species and 2 new hybrids, 15 new genera and 5 new families were found. The majority of the additional species (70%) were reported in Apulia, Corsica and southern France.
The database supports risk managers in carrying out surveillance and other phytosanitary measures, such as inspections of plants for planting.
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Xylella affected tree(Courtesy of http://www.wired.it/)