International Workshop Xylella

Bari will held an International workshop on Xylella fastidiosa and the Olive Quick Decline Syndrome

Will be held in Bari (Italy), from 19th to 22th April 2016, an International Workshop on Xylella fastidiosa and the Olive Quick Decline Syndrome (OQDS).

Following the outbreaks of X. fastidiosa associated to the olive quick decline syndrome (OQDS) in Apulia (Italy), the National Plant Protections Organizations of the North-African and Near East countries have strongly expressed their concern and the need to get further information and training on Xylella fastidosa and the quick decline syndrome of olive, to be able to prevent the introduction and spread of this pest.

As a result, a first workshop is organized to share updated information on the syndrome and train NPPOs on Xylella fastidiosa and related vectors, and on aspects as surveillance, diagnostic and control methods.

The International meeting is organized jointly by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), Near-East Plant Protection Organization (NEPPO), European Plant Protection Organization (EPPO), International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM), Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (MAIB), CIHEAM-IAM Bari and Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (CNR).

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