ACLI RACALE presents the pilot project “Resilience”, an innovative technical desk in the area affected by Xylella fastidiosa

On Wednesday, April 10, 2019 the ACLI Racale Cooperative, a partner of the POnTE Project, will present the first phase of the Pilot Project “Resilience”, the first technical desk of integrated management in Salento (Apulia, Italy) with the aim of relaunching the rural economy of the area and “reap the benefits” of the production potential of a territory severely damaged by Xylella fastidiosa. The innovative project comprises three phases.

The first phase will be dedicated exclusively to the production phase and involves the establishment of the technical desk “Resilience” that will deal with: integrated management of olive groves infected by X. fastidiosa; development of technical protocols for the management of olive groves affected by the bacterium; integrated management of other traditional products of the territory; research and development of alternative crops to be planted; legal and administrative advice to the member producers; support for research activities carried out by national and international bodies.

Phases “two” and “three” of the Project will instead focus on the promotion of newly associated forms of agricultural management, development and technological innovation of agricultural production, and will include the creation of a new strategy of “territorial marketing”, aimed at enhancing the market  of products from the area infected by X. fastidiosa.