Periodic Technical and Financial Reports

09/09/2017/by Staff

Annual Technical Reports

09/09/2017/by Staff

Nothophytophthora gen. nov., a new sister genus of Phytophthora from natural and semi-natural ecosystem

14/08/2017/by Staff

Recenti sperimentazioni per il controllo di Xylella

21/07/2017/by Staff

Incidenza di Xylella in oliveti con disseccamento rapido

20/07/2017/by Staff

Genetic and metabolic analyses of Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum infecting carrot

17/07/2017/by Staff

Olive quick decline and Xylella fastidiosa in Southern Italy: the state of the art

17/07/2017/by Staff

Complete Genome Sequence of the Olive-Infecting Strain Xf subsp. pauca De Donno

13/07/2017/by Staff

The identification and detection of psyllid vectors of CaLsol in suction traps

07/07/2017/by Staff

Evaluation of biocontrol potency of endophytic symbionts against Xylella fastidiosa infections

01/07/2017/by Staff

Isolation , genetic characterization and phenotipic profiling of Xf strains from Costa Rica

01/07/2017/by Staff

Genetic Characterization Of CaLsol Strains Infecting Carrot Psyllids In Southwestern France

28/06/2017/by Staff

Evaluation of olive cultivar effect on the efficiency of the acquisition and transmission of Xylella fastidiosa by Philaenus spumarius

26/06/2017/by Staff

Several subspecies and sequence types are associated with the emergence of Xylella in France

30/05/2017/by Staff

Genetic characterization of ‘CaLsol’ haplotypes associated with apiaceous crops in France

23/05/2017/by Staff

First Report of the Invasive Ash Dieback Pathogen Hymenoscyphus fraxineus on Fraxinus excelsior and F. angustifolia in Serbia

27/04/2017/by Staff

When prevention fails. Towards more efficient strategies for plant disease eradication

17/04/2017/by Staff

Resistenza a Xylella fastidiosa in diverse cultivar di olivo

12/04/2017/by Staff

Risk assessment of ‘Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum’ transmission by the psyllids Bactericera trigonica and B. tremblayi from Apiaceae crops to potato

05/04/2017/by Staff

Effects of co-inoculations of Alnus incana with Phytophthora alni complex and P. plurivora on disease development and mortality

08/03/2017/by Staff