Tradecorp-Spain signs an agreement to co-support the research on Xylella fastidiosa conducted by IAS-CSIC

TRADECORP is a company committed to providing solutions to farmers that are effective and environmentally friendly. This company also wants to contribute to the study and control of Xylella fastidiosa and other pathogens affecting olive trees and other woody species.

Through this collaboration, TRADECORP-Spain will provide some financial support to the IAS-CSIC research group ‘Phytopathology of Sustainable Agricultural Systems’ for conducting diagnosis on Xylella fastidiosa and other olive diseases that could potentially be confused with the symptoms that it causes.

The agreement will allow the transmission of the knowledge generated in POnTE project through seminars to growers, producers, nurserymen organizations, extension services, etc. Working in collaboration with TRADECORP-Spain on topics related to the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa or other relevant olive diseases.


The IAS-CSIC research group involved in POnTE activities