The Regional Government of Andalusia releases divulgation material on Xylella fastidiosa threat

Following the recent outbreaks of Xylella fastidiosa in Italy and France, the Regional Government of Andalusia, Spain, is making a great effort to keep the public opinion aware of the big potential threat represented by the bacterium to olive crops in Spain.

To reach this aim, the institutional web portal is now hosting a new section entirely dedicated to Xylella fastidiosa. To make the Spanish readers familiar with some basic information on the harmful pathogen, the Regional Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has produced two useful brochures, freely available at the following links:

Xylella fastidiosa fact sheet

Xylella fastidiosa leaflet

The divulgation material has been realized by the Plant Health Service, General Direction of Agriculture and Livestock, in collaboration with the Laboratory for Plant Production and Plant Health of Seville and the Agency for Farm and Fishery Management of Andalusia (AGAPA).