POnTE Consortium expands the research collaboration to JRC

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) and the POnTE consortium are teaming up to research the remote sensing-based approach to Xylella fastidiosa monitoring (WP6).

From the POnTE side, the collaboration will involve the partners CNR, UNIBA, CSIC and IVIA, who within the Consortium are responsible for testing and validating remote sensing approaches for early detection of potentially infected sites, to be prioritized for lab testing and subsequent containment and eradication actions. The collaboration with JRC will complement the research approaches foreseen in POnTE with the JRC’s planned acquisition and analysis of hyperspectral and thermal imagery over the Italian Xylella fastidiosa outbreak using manned aircraft.

The JRC team and the POnTE researchers met on April 21 to visit the Xylella-infested areas and to refine the strategy for a combined flight-field campaign.