EPPO diagnostic protocol for Xylella fastidiosa

The EPPO diagnostic protocol on Xylella fastidiosa (PM7/24) is currently under revision and in the next upcoming months, the final version will be officially released by EPPO. The revision process started in late 2015, under the coordination of the EPPO secretariat, by a working group which included EU and American experts. In early March 2016, the draft protocol was circulated for an official EPPO Country Consultation, closed at the end of April. The comments received during the Country Consultation will be discussed by the EPPO Panel on Diagnostics in Bacteriology which will meet in Paris (France) next June 1-2, 2016, with the aim to finalize the protocol.

Regular information on the progress made on this revision (including a copy of the version sent for country consultation) has been provided to the IPPC Secretariat and the Technical Panel on Diagnostic Protocols as an International Protocol is under development at IPPC level.

The EPPO Standard on diagnostics along with the new prepared Standards on “Phytosanitary procedures for inspection of places of production” and on “Phytosanitary procedures for inspection of consignment” will provide guidelines on inspection and diagnostics and support the work of the National Plant Protection Organizations.