A conference on challenges for risk assessment of Xylella organized by ANSES in Paris

On March 10, 2016 a conference on “Challenges for Risk Assessment and Risk Management for crops and the environment?” was held in Paris, at Bâtiment Copernic–Maisons Alfort, organized by Dr. Charles Manceau, director of Plant Health sector at ANSES
Xylella fastidiosa
 is a bacterium responsible for emerging diseases in France and Italy which constitute a threat to many agricultural sectors, green spaces and forests. The outbreak detected in Italy in 2013 is ravaging olive orchards in Puglia. Although the outbreaks in Corsica and Provence-Alps-Riviera are caused by a different strain that shows less virulent bacterial blight, this is nevertheless a major emergent pest problem.
The conference aimed at taking stock of the state of knowledge on these bacteria before the start of the growing season, to maximize the resources available for risk assessment, monitoring and the fight against this blight. European and American experts were invited to this event. POnTE Consortium was represented by Prof. Domenico Bosco (UNITO-DISAFA), who gave a talk on “Prevalence and biology of vectors of X. fastidiosa in Italy and role in the spread of the disease” and Dr. Bruno Legendre (ANSES-LSV) presenting “Diagnostics and detection methods for X. fastidiosa“.

All the contributions presented are available for download at this link.