A workshop on Xylella fastidiosa held in Bari under the “Better Training for Safer Food” EU initiative

Was held in Bari (Italy),  from 7th to 9th November 2016, a training workshop on “Xylella fastidiosa detection and control” organized within the Better Training for Safer Food initiative of the European Commission. The workshop was part of a wider programme of activities that will involve the EU Member States and neighbouring non-EU countries through eighteen separate workshops and a series of sustained training and technical assistance missions (STMs).

The aim of these training activities is to strengthen the understanding, implementation and enforcement of EU law in the fields of food and feed law, animal health and welfare rules and plant health. The  workshop on Xylella fastidiosa detection and control was organized in cooperation with the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (IAMB) and the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and was implemented by the company OPERA, that had been awarded a service contract by the EU agency CHAFEA – Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive.

The event saw the participation of 30 representatives from the phytosanitary services of 18 countries in EU and Mediterranean Area and had, among the tutors, D. Boscia (CNR-IPSP), B.B. Landa (CSIC-IAS) and F. Porcelli (UNIBA-DiSSPA), researchers from PonTE Consortium.

The complete agenda of the event is available at this link.