POnTE consortium will consolidate the link with the Euphresco network on Xylella fastidiosa

The Euphresco research project (2016-2017) “Harmonized protocol for monitoring and detection of Xylella fastidiosa in its host plants and its vectors” involves more than 20 partners from different EU and Mediterranean countries, with the scientific support of the United States Department of Agriculture (Parlier, California, USA). The project aims to develop rapid and reliable detection protocols for monitoring X. fastidiosa and associated insect vectors in different plant species (symptomatic and asymptomatic plant material) and regions, with emphasis on improving sampling techniques, protocols for processing of samples (i.e. DNA extraction), and methods for isolating X. fastidiosa in culturing medium to fulfil quarantine and monitoring requirements.

Part of these activities will be jointly developed in cooperation with the consortium POnTE, in particular with the research program established in the Work package 4 dealing with “Implementation and validation of diagnostics for early and rapid detection of target pathogens in host plants and vectors”. This cooperation will be mutually beneficial as the outcomes of POnTE can be extended to a wider number of countries (not included in the POnTE consortium) and Euphresco will benefit from the research carried out in POnTE without duplications of efforts. More generally, important links between the National Plant Protection Organisations and high-profile research organisations will be established.


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