Francoise Poliakoff (ANSES) new coordinator of POnTE WP 4, dedicated to diagnostics

POnTE Consortium has recently announced an important novelty in its internal organization.

Dr. Françoise Poliakoff, senior plant pathologist and head of bacteriology, virology and GMO units in Plant Health Laboratory (ANSES-LSV), has accepted to lead the coordination of the Work Package “4”, dedicated to the “Implementation and validation of diagnostics for early and rapid detection of target pathogens in host plants and vectors”.

This responsibility was previously assigned to Dr. M.M. Lopez (IVIA), who retired during last January, therefore resigning from the Management Board (MB) and all the assignments she held in the Project.

Dr. F. Poliakoff, formerly WP4 Sub-Coordinator, from now on will be a member of the MB and will assist Dr. Anne Nissinen (LUKE) in the coordination of the CaLsol topic, as part of the Scientific Coordination Team.

Member of EPPO Panel on bacterial diseases, Dr. Poliakoff has more than 20 years of experience investigating outbreaks and dynamics of quarantine pests, especially those of new introduction in different areas.