POnTE: Project Deliverables

Ten deliverables were chosen among the most relevant to prepare a special series of factsheets addressed to expert communities and laypeople.


Texts: Angelo Di Mambro

Layout and Proofreading: Surrender Media Solution

Project overview: Massimiliano Morelli (IPSP-CNR Bari, Italy)

Scientific Supervision

D2.1 – Maria Saponari (IPSP-CNR Bari, Italy)
D2.3 – Marianne Loiseau (ANSES, France), Anne Nissinen (Luke, Finland)
D3.3 – Xavier Foissac (INRA, France), Marianne Loiseau (ANSES, France), Anne Nissinen (Luke, Finland), Françoise Poliakoff (ANSES, France)
D3.5 – Ana Perez Sierra (Forestry Research, UK)
D5.2: Domenico Bosco (Torino University, Italy) – Maria Saponari (IPSP-CNR Bari, Italy)
D6.1: Josè Blasco (IVIA, Spain)
D7.3 – Pasquale Saldarelli (IPSP-CNR Bari, Italy)
D8.3: Alfons Oude-Lansink (Wageningen, The Netherlands) – Donato Boscia (IPSP-CNR Bari, Italy)
D9.1: Crescenza Dongiovanni (CRSFA, Italy) – Maria Saponari (IPSP-CNR Bari, Italy)
D9.3 – Ana Perez Sierra (Forestry Research, UK) – Aleksa Obradovic (University of Belgrade, Serbia) – Danijela Djordjevic (University of Belgrade, Serbia)