A training workshop on Xylella preparedness organized by Plant Health Australia in Melbourne

Members of Plant Health Australia (PHA) attended on June 1, 2016 a workshop specifically targeting Xylella fastidiosa priority risk, held at the Holiday Inn, in Melbourne Airport. The invasive bacterial plant pathogen that affects over 200 commercial and ornamental plant species, although not present in Australia, it is of major concern to Australia’s plant industries.

The workshop, funded by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR), aimed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced identification, awareness and coordination of national preparedness activities for Xylella for key stakeholders.
  • Enhanced understanding by workshop participants of the industries impacted by Xylella.
  • Knowledge of current status of preparedness activities, identification of gaps in preparedness efforts and plan for how these gaps might be addressed.
  • Outlines for future areas of investment for Xylella biosecurity preparedness.

Attendees had the opportunity to evaluate and discuss the progress of work undertaken by their organisations related to above outcomes.

Dr. Sally Troy (DAWR) and Dr. Stephen Dibley (PHA) gave the welcome address and introduced four sections of discussion.

The complete program is still available at this link.