“Xylella fastidiosa one year after ?”, a conference in Paris

On September 16, 2016, RMT VegDiag (Réseau mixte technologique ‘’Diagnostic en santé végétale”), a French technological network associating all stakeholders interested in diagnostics in plant health, will organize a conference entitled: “Xylella fastidiosa one year after? Knowledge’s and perspectives of research and development”.

Several members of POnTE will participate. Dr. Marie-Agnès Jacques (INRA) and Dr. Françoise Poliakoff (Anses) will talk about ’’Diversity of strains of Xylella fastidiosa in France: how many introductions and which risk for agriculture?’’ and “EU POnTE Project: general main objectives, and tasks implemented by Anses”, respectively. Prof. Domenico Bosco (UNITO-DISAFA) will give information on the epidemic situation in Italy and the role of vectors and Dr. Philippe Reynaud (Anses) will present the knowledge available on vectors present in France.
Other guests will give a talk. Giuseppe Stancanelli from EFSA will present the state of the art in risk evaluation linked to Xylella fastidiosa in Europe and Dr. Charles Manceau (Anses) will present opinion on hot water treatment for controlling Xylella fastidiosa on plants for planting material. Dr. Jean-Yves Rasplus (INRA), will explain how new technologies will help the identification of contaminated vectors and their host plants. Representatives of the French national and regional phytosanitary authorities, national technical institutes (ACTA, CTIFL, IFV, ASTREDHOR…), and farmers associations will participate also in the conference. A member of the Directorate for quality and plant protection – Ministry in charge of agriculture (DGAL), will present the official contingency plan for Xylella fastidiosa in France and the conference will be concluded by Joël Francart, deputy director of Directorate for quality and plant protection.

The conference will be held in Paris – 143 rue de Naples. The conference program is available at this link.