Dr. Morelli presents POnTE actvities

POnTE Project presented at an informative meeting on Xylella fastidiosa held at Bari University

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POnTE EU project was presented at the informative meeting “Xylella: let’s take stock”, held at Bari University, Italy, on May 11, 2016. The event was organized by the Apulian section of the Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims on the Pseudoscience (CICAP), to help clarify the current situation concerning Xylella outbreak in Apulia.

Following an introductive lecture given by Prof. Giovanni Paolo Martelli (DiSSPA-UNIBA), during his talk entitled “European Project POnTE: new horizons for research on Xylella fastidiosa”, Dr. Massimiliano Morelli (CNR-IPSP) presented to the audience the aims of POnTE Project, with particular focus on the future direction of research targeting Xylella fastidiosa containment and eradication.

The speech was met with interest from the audience and was followed by an intense debate, moderated by Anna Rita Longo and Lisa Signorile, scientific journalists and members of CICAP.