Xylella will be a major topic at the XVIII Congress of the Spanish Society of Phytopathology

The 18th edition of the Congress of the Spanish Society of Phytopathology (SEF) will take place in the city of Palencia (Spain), from 20 to 23 September, 2016. The Conference will include five plenary sessions and three simultaneous conference lectures. More than 300 participants are expected between researchers, industry leaders, investors, policy makers, and stakeholders, to discuss the latest scientific breakthroughs and future technological perspectives.
During the morning of Tuesday 20 September, the SEF group specialized in Diagnostic, Detection and Identification (GEDDI) will organize the Symposium: “Xylella fastidiosa, a complex species causing emergent diseases in Europe“, entirely dedicated to Xylella fastidiosa emergency.
Following the introductory talk on “Xylella fastidiosa, un problema global: enfermedades que causa”, given by Dr. M.M. López, coordinator of the symposium and sub-coordinator of POnTE Project, several lectures will be given by researchers members of the Consortium:
Dr. B.B. Landa, IAS-CSIC: “Xylella fastidiosa, características bacterianas, biología y ecología de la bacteria”
Dr. A. Moreno, ICA-CSIC: “Vectores de Xylella fastidiosa y mecanismos de transmisión. Estrategias de control”
Dr. J. A. Navas, IAS-CSIC:”Evaluación del riesgo de Xylella fastidiosa en la Unión Europea”
Dr. F. Poliakoff, ANSES:”Situación de Xylella fastidiosa en Francia: intercepciones, prospecciones, metodología de análisis y diversidad de cepas”
On Thursday 22, Dr. Saponari (CNR-IPSP), sub-coordinator of POnTE for the topic X.fastidiosa, will open the fifth plenary session of the Conference, with an invited speech on “Recent advances on the Xylella fastidiosa epidemic in olives in southern Italy“.

Further information on SEF meeting and related symposia are available at this link.