“Resilienza”, an event organized by POnTE and ACLI Racale, has brought together the Italian research on Xylella fastidiosa

The scientific conference “Resilience: Xylella research talks to people” was organized in Racale (Lecce) by the Agricultural Cooperative ACLI RACALE, within the framework of the dissemination activities of the POnTE Project. Hosted in the premises of the Cooperative, located in the center of the outbreak of Salento, the event was the first scientific conference to bring together Italian researchers involved in research on Xylella fastidiosa.

The event aimed to promote dialogue between the different research units involved in the fight against the dreadful pathogen and present to a wide audience, including farmer associations, public institutions, students and stakeholders, the state of the art on the different activities underway.

Characterized by a positive response from the public, the Conference hosted many researchers from the research consortia of PONTE and XF-ACTORS projects: Dr. Maria Saponari (CNR-IPSP), who opened the Conference with an introductory lecture on Xylella fastidiosa, Dr. Pasquale Saldarelli (CNR-IPSP), who presented the studies on resistance to Xylella fastidiosa, Dr. Danilo Vona (University of Bari), who talked about the biochemical response of Xylella fastidiosa to diffusible lipid molecules, Dr. Giusy D’Attoma (CNR-IPSP), an author of a study on the role of ionome in infections associated with Xylella fastidiosa in olive trees, Dr. Ilaria Antelmi (University of Bari), who spoke about the interactions of endophytic bacteria with Xylella fastidiosa, Dr. Massimiliano Morelli (CNR-IPSP), who presented the potential of the use of an antagonistic bacterium against Xylella fastidiosa, Prof. Domenico Bosco (University of Turin), who reviewed the vectors of Xylella fastidiosa in Italy and in Europe, Dr. Daniele Cornara (IAC-CSIC), who spoke about the dietary behavior and transmission of the bacterium by the vector, Dr. Sabina Avosani (University of Trento), who presented a study on vibrational communication of the vector, Dr. Nicola Bodino (CNR-IPSP) with a talk on the biology of transmission of Xylella fastidiosa, and Dr. Vincenzo Cavalieri (CNR-IPSP), who described the species of vectors identified in Puglia.

Abstracts of the event are available, in Italian, at this link.