Researchers from POnTE and XF-ACTORS speakers at the plant pathology’s leading event ICPP 2018 in Boston

The International Congress on Plant Pathology 2018 (ICPP 2018) is currently being held in Boston.

Organised by the International Society of Plant Pathology and the The American Phytopathological Society, the event, this year dedicated to “Plant Health in the Global Economy”, is considered the world’s leading conference dedicated to plant pathology.

Leading experts from around the world are presenting the latest advances and innovations, facilitating the progress, and setting a vision for assuring plant health in a global economy.

On 31 July, a parallel session, organised by EFSA and the University of Berkeley, was entirely dedicated to “Xylella fastidiosa: Re-emerging Epidemics of a Global Pathogen and New Challenges for Its Control“.

The session was opened by Dr. Maria Saponari, coordinator of the XF-ACTORS Project, who presented an invited lecture, prepared in collaboration with the scientific responsibles of the main European research institutions dealing with the recent outbreaks of Xylella fastidiosa in the EU (Emerge of Xylella fastidiosa in Europe).

The session continued with the presentations given by several researchers, all members of the PONTE and XF-ACTORS consortia, who presented their achievements dedicated to:

 The conference site offers the possibility to follow the live streaming of the Plenary Sessions, at this link.

The complete programme and all abstracts of the contributions presented at the event, indicized by author, are also available for consultation.

Maria Saponari (CNR-IPSP) giving a talk on “Emerge of Xylella fastidiosa in Europe