ALMANACCO.CNR.IT | Un Ponte contro la Xylella fastidiosa

04/05/2016/by Staff

Forest Research involved in POnTE to explore emerging diseases of forests

03/05/2016/by Staff

FAO-IPPC-CIHEAM International workshop on Xylella fastidiosa

22/04/2016/by Staff

IVIA announces its participation to POnTE Project

17/03/2016/by Staff

NIBIO announces its participation to POnTE Project

24/02/2016/by Staff

UniBA partner del Consorzio Internazionale di Ricerca POnTE

24/02/2016/by Staff

SASA.GOV.UK | SASA announces its participation in POnTE

12/02/2016/by Staff

AGRITEST.IT | Sustain management of emerging diseases and alien pests

10/02/2016/by Staff

IAS.CSIC.ES | Investigadores del IAS participan en el Proyecto POnTE

02/02/2016/by Staff

DIARIO DE GASTRONOMIA.COM | Proyecto internacional para prevenir la ‘Xylella fastidiosa’ del olivo

01/02/2016/by Staff

CITOLIVA.ES | Presentación del proyecto POnTE

30/01/2016/by Staff

LOEWE.COM | LOEWE announces its participation to POnTE project

30/01/2016/by Staff

INRA.FR|Le centre participe à la mobilisation sur la recherche autour de Xylella fastidiosa

28/01/2016/by Staff

Rome kick-off meeting

11/01/2016/by Staff

AGRONEWS CASTILLA Y LEON | Jaén investigará la Xylella fastidiosa

30/12/2015/by Staff

DAA.CNR.IT | Incontro inaugurale del Consorzio Internazionale di ricerca POnTE

30/12/2015/by Staff

CNR.IT EVENTI|Il CNR ospita l’incontro inaugurale del consorzio di ricerca POnTE

30/12/2015/by Staff

EC.EUROPA.EU|Start of a new EU-funded project on solutions for managing the Xylella spread

29/12/2015/by Staff