Neonicotinoid insecticides losing efficiency in potato psyllid control

28/03/2017/by Staff

Xylella fastidiosa y su situación actual en la UE

14/03/2017/by Staff

Des millions d’oliviers menacés par une bactérie à travers l’Europe

06/03/2017/by Staff

Zebra chip disease: Portable diagnostic tool breakthrough aims for fast, accurate results

03/03/2017/by Staff

Study offers guidance on how to protect Europe’s olive trees from being ravaged by deadly Xylella fastidiosa pathogen

24/02/2017/by Staff

Bacteria that kills olive trees spreads from Italy to Spain’s Balearic Islands

16/02/2017/by Staff

La “Xylella fastidiosa”: la plaga vegetal más peligrosa de Europa

01/02/2017/by Staff

Blanca Landa: “Balears no está preparada para hacer frente a la ‘Xylella’, le hacen falta más recursos”

31/01/2017/by Staff

Hymenoscyphus fraxineus diseases, a photo gallery by N. Keca (UB-FF)

18/01/2017/by Staff